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On Sunday, September 24th, CCCV Kids Ministry will be introducing the AWANA® program during Sunday evening service. The AWANA® program will be open to kids in Kindergarten through 6th grade and will take place in the 500 bldg. from 5:00 to 7:00 PM.

“Kids represent the greatest opportunity to make a long-term impact on our world for Christ. AWANA® establishes welcoming, supportive environments where kids, from every background and cultural setting, learn how a personal relationship with Christ affects their everyday lives…reach[ing] kids with the gospel and develop[ing] long-term disciples.”

Register your child today for this impactful program! The cost per child, per school year is $40. One school year of AWANA® fun includes: workbooks, apparel, awards, and certificates. You can register online or in the Kids Ministry Office today!

For additional information about AWANA® visit our webpage,

What is AWANA®?

AWANA® is a global, nonprofit ministry committed to the belief that the greatest impact for Christ starts with kids who know, love and serve Him.

How does AWANA® fulfill this mission?
Through God’s guidance and power, AWANA® strives to reach kids, equip leaders, and change the world.

AWANA® reaches kids for Christ through fun, Scripture-rich experiences that lead them to know, love and serve Him.
Kids represent the greatest opportunity to make a long-term impact on our world for Christ. Offered through local churches, community groups and homes, AWANA® reaches kids where they’re at and walks alongside them in their faith journey. Those kids who come to faith at an early age discover God’s purpose for their lives and hope for the future. Ministry leaders and parents witness the profound impact AWANA® has in reaching kids with the gospel and watching them grow as long-term disciples. That’s why so many families and leaders have returned year after year, week after week, for more than three generations.

AWANA® equips ministry leaders and parents to reach and disciple kids who impact their generation with the gospel.
God's vision to multiply leaders is planted in countless individuals. AWANA® nurtures this vision. Local churches and ministries partner with AWANA® to train leaders who help change kids’ lives forever. With more than 60 years of experience in training leaders, AWANA® has proven resources and relevant training content which helps them develop into vibrant leaders at home, church and in their community.

God is at work changing the world through the evangelism and long-term discipleship ministry of AWANA®.
Kids lives are forever transformed. Volunteers grow as leaders. Families become stronger and churches build community through active involvement in AWANA®. Our world needs the hope that only Christ gives. God is using AWANA® to raise up kids, parents and leaders devoted to knowing Scripture, loving Him and reaching others with the gospel.

If you would like to sign your child(ren) up for AWANA

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