Beginning Guitar Class


We will be offering Beginning Guitar Classes beginning September 10th for those interested in serving in Kids Worship. This class will take place every Sunday from 1:00pm to 2:00pm in room 524, with the last day of class taking place on November 12th. Each student must provide his/her own guitar for the class. A payment of $45 and is due at the time of sign-up, this class fee is non-refundable. Don’t miss this opportunity, sign up today!

Here are a few frequently asked questions, if you have further questions please come by the Kids Ministry Office.

Q: Will I receive a call?
A: No, show up on time the first day of class.

Q: Is this class just for kids?
A: No, adults who are interested in serving in Kids Worship are also encouraged to attend.

Q: My child is not 9 yet, can they still sign up?
A: No, they must be at least 9 years old. This class will be made available in the future.

Q: Do I need to bring a guitar or is one provided?
A: You will need to provide your own guitar.

Q: What if we do not have a guitar? Where should we purchase one?
A: Large stores often have better prices, but are sometimes less knowledgeable than a smaller, local store. You can also purchase online from stores like Musician’s Friend or Sweetwater. We do not recommend buying from Target, Wal-mart, Costco, etc.

Q: Which brands of guitars do you recommend?
A: Stay with name brands: Yamaha, Takamine, Ibanez, Ephiphone, Fender, or Mitchell. We recommend purchasing a new instrument rather than used. Used guitars many have defects.

Q: How much should I spend?
A: Buying an inexpensive guitar can hinder your child’s ability to learn and progress. It may not tune properly, it may be harder to play, and the child may even decide playing guitar is too hard and want to quit. A good price range is between $100-$150. We do not recommend purchasing a guitar for less than $80 or more than $250.

Q: What style of guitar should I purchase?
A: We do not recommend steel string or electric guitars. Nylon string guitars are easier to push down the strings, but sometimes the neck is wider. The guitar should fit the child. If they are teenagers, full size is recommended. If the child is between 9-11 years old, we recommend finding one that their arms can reach around.

Q: What if my child can already play several songs?
A: This is a beginner class with the goal of learning 5-6 songs and 10-12 chords. We are preparing the kids for serving in worship. That aspect might be helpful to them, however they may get bored and want to quit.

IMPORTANT: FOR YOUR CHILD TO SUCCEED: You will need a guitar that fits your child comfortably and is easy to push down the strings. For younger children, they may find nylon strings easier, but make sure it is a child’s size nylon string guitar and not a full size guitar.

If you would like to sign up for Beginning Guitar

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