Tuesday -- July 29, 2014

Wednesday Evening 7/23/14

David Zamora
“There is Hope”

Sunday Morning 7/20/14

Dr. Ken Ham
Is Genesis Relevant in 2014?

Sunday Evening 7/6/14

Robert Baltodano
Mark 6:30-44 “Problem Solving 101″

Sunday Evening 6/29/14

Robert Baltodano
Mark 6:14-19 “The Cost of Truth Telling”

Sunday Evening 6/8/14

Pastor Ken Graves
Galatians 6:9 “Be Weary Not”

Sunday Morning 6/8/14

Pastor Sandy Adams
Job 31:35 “When God Doesn’t Give A Reason”

Sunday Evening 6/1/14

Robert Baltodano
Mark 6:1-13 “More Than a Carpenter”

Sunday Evening 5/18/14

Robert Baltodano
Mark 5:21-43 “Desperate Measures”

Wednesday Evening 5/14/13

Holland Davis
“Keep Calm and Here We Go”

Sunday Evening 4/27/14

Robert Baltodano
Mark 4:21-34 “A Stormy Day”

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