Tuition & Fees



Courses for Credit
$60 per unit

Audit Courses
$60 for course

Textbooks are not included in tuition costs.


What is the difference between a credit course and an audit course?

Credit courses are for students who plan to pursue a degree.

Audit courses are available for students who are interested in taking classes for personal enrichment. Students who enroll into audit courses are not responsible for completing assigned homework. Please be aware that audit courses are not eligible for college credit. Any audit course may not be changed to a credit course at any point in time. There are no degrees or certificates awarded for audit courses. Only classes taken for credit will apply toward a degree.



First-time enrollment application fee (one-time): $25

Semester registration fee: $25


Refund Policy

All students who are unable to complete a course for any reason, may withdraw and receive a refund for their course tuition. Only tuition costs will be refunded, administrative/registration fees are nonrefundable. The following determines the percentage of tuition fees to be refunded to the students:

Courses dropped before the official course start date -- 100% of tuition
Courses dropped by the end of the second week -- 70% of tuition
Courses dropped by the end of the third week -- 50% of tuition
There are no refunds after the end of the third week -- 0% of tuition

A refund will automatically be processed once the Registrar has received a complete Course Withdrawal Form prior to the end of the third week in a semester.


Financial Assistance

Calvary Chapel Chino Valley Bible College does not currently offer federal student aid. However, we do offer financial assistance in the form of our payment plan. All students interested in the payment plan option must meet the eligibility requirements outlined in the Tuition Contract. If eligibility requirements are met students must submit a signed original contract to the Registrar before the beginning of classes proceeding each semester. Eligibility requirements include:

• Students taking 4 or more class units
• Students taking less than 4 class units are not eligible for a payment plan. However, students with a serious financial need can submit a special request to the Registrar’s Office for consideration. Once received the student’s request will be reviewed by administration and a decision made.


Terms & Conditions

The following conditions apply to students who are requesting a payment plan:

• Students on a payment plan are not eligible for a refund at any time.
• There is a $100.00 minimum down payment to start the plan (includes $10.00 plan fee & $25.00 semester registration fee).
• The remaining balance of tuition is split in to two equal payments.
• Students are expected to pay their balances on the scheduled payment dates listed under “Payment Dates” on the Student Copy of the Tuition Contract.
• All payments will be made using CCCV’s online management system called The Community, unless otherwise arranged.

To fill out a Tuition Contract please

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