Employment Opportunity


We are looking for someone who can assist with sound, lighting and production on our staff at CCCV. This would be a full time position and the hours would vary each week to accommodate our services and events. If you are interested please pick up an application.

The Job title is "Production Assistant" in our Technical Arts Department. The qualified AVL technician will assist in preparing for and operating the weekly events and services. Candidate must have good communication skills, professional appearance, strong troubleshooting abilities and a desire for learning new technologies.

Required Skills

1. Minimum 2 years’ experience in live sound and live events.

2. Extensive knowledge of signal flow, routing, troubleshooting, microphones, wireless microphone systems, patchbays, cables, sound boards, frequencies, and stage setups.

3. Extensive knowledge of music and instruments. Musician preferred. Candidate must know how instruments are “supposed to sound.”

4. Excellent communication skills. Must be able to work well with musicians, tech teams, servants, congregation, and overseers.

5. Team minded. Cannot show signs of self-centered ambition.

6. Must have desire to learn and accept new information and concepts, no matter how much experience is present.

7. Person with A-type, “go-getter” personality is a necessity. Laziness, lack of punctuality, passiveness, obliviousness, attitude, and lack of concentration are all traits that are strictly unacceptable.

8. Must be “jack of all trades.” The candidate must be able to fulfill any duties or positions needed on the tech team (video, sound, lights, CG, etc.)

9. Lighting experience is not required but is a plus.


1. Operate sound boards for live services, rehearsals and events during the week.

2. Set up stages for rehearsals and services. (able to lift 50lbs.) This includes line checking and prepping sound board files.

3. Take the lead for all technical needs as the Tech Director for any given service, when an overseer is not present.

4. Prepare lyrics and slides (CG) for services.

5. Set up lighting cues and operate lighting board for services.

6. Operate camera controller or video switcher when needed.

7. Assist with recordings and podcasts.

8. Weekly maintenance/upkeep on specified gear and equipment.