Heaven and Nature Sing-A-Long Celebration


Make sure to bring your kids to Sunday morning services on December 24th! Three-year-olds to 6th graders are in for a treat as our leaders and teachers are preparing now for a Heaven and Nature Sing-A-Long Celebration (a special in-classroom event geared to each age level). Kids will worship to the Lord with Christ-centered Christmas songs, hear a special teaching from their teachers, eat a delicious Christmas snack, and kids (three-years-old to 3rd grade) will create a Christmas craft! There are special classroom assignments for December 24th, so make sure to check our Christmas Campus Map to know where to check in your child. There’s no need to sign-up for this no cost event, just bring your kids and give them the opportunity to fellowship with one another and learn about the birth of our Savior so that they may understand at their age-level.