Sunday -- February 1, 2015

Encouraging Words

What has the Lord done in your life recently through the ministry of Pastor David Rosales and Calvary Chapel Chino Valley? We’d love to hear it and share it! Send an email to:

Pastor David appreciates hearing from you, and will attempt to answer each message in a timely manner; but please do not send petitions, jokes, news clips, Facebook invitations, YouTube videos, or forward email warnings, etc., as his schedule does not afford him the time to read/view these types of messages. Thank you for your understanding.

I cannot say how much I admire your wisdom and heart for the Word of God. I am not a pastor, but if I were, I would want to be a pastor like yourself (and pastor Chuck of course) It is quite apparent with every word you share your desire is to live a Godly life and reach as many souls as you can. I know that being a pastor and leader of a church can be a daunting task and is certainly not for the faint of heart. I know I have my days when I don’t feel like getting out of the bed and yet I look at your consistency and stick-to-it attitude as motivation for me to continue my daily Christian walk. This morning you shared some much needed wisdom that I think was widely received and accepted. I feel so blessed to be attending a church that has a spirit filled menu of information and opportunities to become more closer to Christ in ones daily walk. I don’t get a chance to share face to face with you, but I do appreciate your efforts to challenge us all to be better Christians. thank you Pastor Dave.

We are so blessed to have you as our Pastor, and I just wanted to tell you how deeply your message affected me today. Every time I hear you speak, I am riveted to your message. I found it ironic that at the same time I was saying to myself how fortunate we are to have a Pastor who is SO passionate, you were apologizing for it. The reason you are able to change so many lives is because of the way you speak with such passion, humbleness and glory to God. You have such a gift for delivering His word.

I am forever thankful that we have you, and I am touched by your every word. You are always included in our prayers, and we love you as part of our family.

Thank you… thank you.. thank you.. for giving me spiritual nourishment every week.

“thank you” again for presenting the Word for what it really says. I have always respected you for being so up front about it and telling it like it is. Sin is sin … big, small or whatever. Just because the message may not be popular does not alter the truth of it. If people are offended by it, then praise God; they must be convicted, which is probably a great place to start to get saved … so, thank you again. Don’t stop doing what you do!

Pastor David I want to personally thank you for being the God fearing man and Pastor that you are. You have certainly helped transform my life with your teachings. You have explained things to me that were previously difficult to understand – it’s almost as if you were speaking directly to me when explaining. I realize all Glory belongs to God because only He is worthy, but I also believe that God places each and every one of His children to encourage one another – so I “Thank You” for always speaking truth and being a true man God.

I just want to thank you Pastor David for the teaching of God’s word. I have been attending ccv for almost 5yrs and I have been listening to your teachings and have grown a lot as you teach us His word. You are a great teacher and one who loves his flock. I love your heart-your tender heart, your courage/boldness and your humor, most of all I love that your heart seeks after God’s own heart. I don’t know you personally and don’t know if I will ever get to meet you face to face but I hope it’s okay to say I know you from the pulpit and what I have seen every week and hear every week is a true man of God who seeks the heart of our Father. God bless you, Marie and your whole family. I pray for you, Marie and family plus all the staff at CCCV. I love you in our Lord’s Love.

I am writing to let you know that I listen to your program nearly daily on KNKT (CC-ABQ’s Radio Station) and I am greatly blessed! David’s steady teaching through the Bible and obvious love for the body of Christ is edifying, heart-warming and often humorous. Thank you for blessing us by making your programming available to us here in Albuquerque! I will continue to support you through prayer always and financially as God makes provision.

I just wanted to write you a note to tell you that I listen to your radio program on KNFR 90.9 in Gravel Ridge, Arkansas and subscribe to your podcast when I can’t catch the radio program. I love beginning my day listening to Pastor Rosales’s message it is a light in my day and keeps me focused on my walk with Jesus.

I would just like to thank Pastor David for his sermons on A Sure Foundation on Bridge FM radio. It is so helpful to hear solid and heartfelt sermons from Pastors who are on fire for Jesus Christ. Pastors who are not afraid to speak hard things about difficult subjects in our world today. It is so inspiring and instructive to listen to Pastor David. I wish there were more Pastors like him. I also wish I could attend Calvary Chapel Chino, but I live on the east coast at the moment. I am very grateful for Pastor David’s ministry. Thank you so much!

I just wanted you to know that you are the best teacher I have ever known. God has used you for so much help and learning in my adult life. I want you to know that you are the Godliest man that I have ever had a chance to know and that I’m proud of you for loving our Father so much that you would learn more of Him and ultimately use your entire life to teach others about Him, truthfully and correctly. Please know that God’s people truly love you and all that you do for us.

Hello, Pastor Rosales – this is just an encouraging word for you in your ministry. I’m a college professor who commutes at odd hours, and I often hear your radio show. I have been impressed by your passion for the Word of God and boldness in proclaiming it. I believe this is a day and hour when the Lord is raising up prophetic pastors who will speak truth to the secular powers of this world. You are one He is raising up. Please keep your great messages coming on K-WAVE!

I want to thank you for always waiting for the last one to answer God’s calling. Last Sunday when you gave the AFTER CALL I was praying all through the song for my aunt to accept the Lord and when the song was over my aunt was stilled standing next to me. Then you kept saying “There is someone the Spirit of the Lord is calling”, I close my eyes and I begin to cry in the inside for the salvation of my aunt. All of the sudden she tap my shoulder and ask me to go with her to the front. HALLELUJAH, one more member of my family save HALLELUJAH.

Praise The Lord !

Very moving sermon today Pastor David. Thank you for being real

I love listening to your messages every morning.

Hi Pastor I’m just sending a thank you email, for establishing that firm foundation in our (my wife and I)

I Love your ministry and listen to you often on the radio

I can see how much u love God by the way u express urself about him.. U are a great pastor/man/husband..

I enjoy your teachings from the Word of God via streaming from my phone on the bridge. I love hearing you teach, You are serving God well by giving the uncompromised truth. I hope to visit your church someday.

The conference was awesome, God ministered to my heart and challenged me.

I appreciate having attended CCCV men’s conference yesterday. I was so hungry for God’s messages to the saved and unsaved men.

The Conference was an awesome testimony to the work of the Lord at your church and in the body of Christ. The teaching was anointed and heartfelt by everyman.

Dear Pastor Rosales Thank you so much for the men’s conference I could not sit in my seat when you gave the alter call. You see I was saved in 1995 and started the race running and slowed down to a crawl. and not moving forward in my walk which means Im sliding backwards I want to keep moving forward and this was what I needed I don’t want to go back to my slothfulness pray that the LORD would give me strength to finish this race.

Praise be to God for your ongoing faithfulness. I wish I could stand outside the church and shout to the sister and brothers as to how blessed they are to have such a passionate shepherd who continues to follow The Shepherd and the Lamb! Your message spoke to me and such a powerful way. As we grow closer to the coming of Christ return I have become aware of the struggles that attempt to grow and take root in my life. Thank God for Romans 8 “Therefore their is no condemnation in Christ Jesus for those who walk not after the flesh but the Spirit”

Pastor just wanted to say that I love you and thank you for your radio ministry I feel like a kid running to my car when I get my lunch at work no matter the weather or temperature I’m there waiting for the word of God to convict me to edify me every step of the way and I pray in the name of Jesus that our Lord keeps using you to reach people who need those words of encouragement and those cool stories you tell and apply to your message that hopefully can bring them to a saving knowledge of Christ in the name of Jesus amen God bless you and your family and all your congregation

Thank you for all you do in the name of Jesus Christ. Your candor, openness, and passion for the Lord enables me to learn from you and apply God’s word easily and effectively. Thank you!

Hello David,
Here in my little house in the United Kingdom I listen to you every day via the internet. I first began to listen to you on the radio many years ago when my children were small. I used to take them to school then hurry home to listen to your broadcasts.

Dear Pastor Dave…just wanted to send a heartfelt Thank You for the radio ministry…and how much we appreciate that You are always there for us…
I sincerely wish the biggest Blessings from God to You and Your Family

I am amazed how awesome God is through you! Thank you for the wonderful sermon yesterday.

hello pastor David,I love listening to your messages,the Lord definitely speaks to me through you

I just want you to know that I really appreciate you and thank God for a Pastor teacher such as yourself.
Our men’s study is so good and right on that I can’t help but think of you whenever I’m in it.

Hi Pastor, first off I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy listening to your program on the radio. It is because of your program I have started gaining my faith back

Hi Pastor, I’ve been attending your church for about 7 years now and am grateful to you because of your honesty to share your own life experiences.

I just wanted to say thanks for your heart-felt exhortation about the importance of regularly reading the Bible for us to grow in our relationship with our God.

Pastor, Thank you for your message last Sunday, and the burden you shared with first service on reading our bibles. My wife and I appreciate your heart, your words of encouragement, and your Word inspired teaching. Thank you for your boldness.

I just wanted to say “THANK YOU” for Sunday’s message. The encouraging words meant so much to us and we felt like we were the only ones in the room. Hold on to the Lord tight with both hands … it’s gonna be a wild ride. The enemy is out to destroy!!!

We have only been attending Calvary Chapel Chino Valley for 2 months but truly know we are home! We both know that you are truly anointed by the Holy Spirit and your teaching is inspiring! Every Sunday we can’t wait to get to church and each service we are blessed with a feast in God’s Word that keeps us talking for days after! Thank you for giving out God’s Word so faithfully and allowing God’s Word to interpret itself. The entire church is loving and welcoming and has made us feel as if we have come home from a long time in the desert! Please know that your teachings and your heart are so very appreciated and that we are growing in our faith due to your obedience to the Almighty God! We love you both and are praying for you! Thank you! God Bless!

Thank you for all your encouraging beautiful wonderful words… Thank you LORD for such a blessing.

I pray to God Our Heavenly Father that He would would continue to give you and your wife Marie strength, health and perseverance to continue feeding His people. And may the Love of Christ abound in your hearts for each other and others. May God continue to Bless you abundantly all the days of your life.

I wanted to take the time to thank you again as well as to tell you how much of an impact your words have changed my life. May God bless you and your family and again, thank you David. Ive turned my life around because of our Lord Jesus Christ, and because of you.

While hearing one of your messages I got saved… I was hanging by a thin thread and I was in the mist of taking my life.

I recently came across your ministry, and I was impressed by how you both tend your flock and make a spiritual deposit into other churches across the nation. It takes great balance to maintain the roles of Senior Pastor and traveling minister! And I’m so glad you do what you do because the body of Christ needs a revelation on the true importance of the Word, Worship, Withness, and Witness for a solid foundation.

I loved the teaching this morning. It was an answer to my prayers on how to handle a situation at work. I go to first service and seeing how the Spiritworks through you, especially when you share your heart, is awesome. You have mentioned several times that you use first service to “practice” your teaching. I welcome it!! I pray God blesses you and your family.

Thank You for your honesty today in church, I am really glad we (church family) was included in your thoughts during your time of need for prayer for your family and especially your wife!!! I know how hard it is to see your loved ones go thru things but you have touched us all with your honesty and humble ways that it really touch my heart and I know your in good hands with God at the helm!!!

First I want to thank The Lord for you being a committed servant to Him, I have learned so much from your teaching and I personally want to thank you.

I have attended Calvary Chapel Chino Valley twice now (on Wednesdays) and simply wanted to say, thank you for your messages, words of encouragement, and sense of humor. After my first visit, I purchased my first bible and after the second service I purchase your book- not knowing you were the author when I asked for the book :) I am excited to be in the Word daily (using my beautiful KJV bible for women) and look forward to reading one of the many books you have written.

I wanted to send a quick note to say thank you that you are part of the KNKT lineup. I listen most of the workday to all of the gifted teachers and you, Pasor Pedro, Pastor Raul, and Ravi are four that I absolutely don’t want to miss in that daily mix. I love that you share God’s word and with such a heart for God and others.
thank you for being such an inspiring leader.

Thank you so much for airing the mens conf 2012. Today. I was truly encouraged and blessed by the word of God.May our God continue to use you and your ministry to accomplish His will in your life and pour out His spirit on all flesh

it was your WORDS OF FAITH that carried me through another day…..


I want you to know that you and Marie are on our hearts and in our prayers continually.
I also want to say thank you for teaching and preaching obedience.
I don’t know if it is just me but it seems that the Spirit has been directing you to be more direct in calling believers to behave like believers.
I really appreciate that not just for others but I like to be reminded myself. Compromise is so subtle, it is good to be reminded to walk the talk.
In addition I really appreciate the encouragement you give to spend time with the Lord and be quiet before Him listening for that still small voice. Whenever I have drifted from the Lord it has always been because of a lack of intimate time with Him. I love Gods word but in His presence is where I long to be and I am refreshed.
There is so many things I could say but I don’t want to ramble.

After your reminiscent talk today w/ Oden Fong, I understand that I am truly blessed to have been exposed to the absolute BEST thing that ever happened to my Christian walk. Calvary Chapel has enabled me to see the genuine importance of having a relationship with Jesus Christ and what’s just as important….has shown me the ‘tools’ to craft my relationship w/ Jesus. I feel honored to have become a part of the ‘Jesus Freak’ movement that started ‘back then’ and has become so influential WORLDWIDE!! I tip my hat to Pastor Chuck and his wife for opening their doors and following God’s lead. It is truly amazing! He has developed an absolutely great legacy in church leadership and Christian influence. May God continue to bless you, your family, and CCCV.

That was just the most incredible men’s conference- all the teaching was just totally awesome!!!! Some really fine teaching- I was thoroughly blessing and encouraged and exhorted by every message. Such a blessing gathering with the men- great time thank you for an outstanding time of fellowship, teaching and worship- the Lord totally blessed every aspect of the ministry today!!!

Thank you so much David, I needed that. You pretty much hammered it on the head, praise Jesus for every single fruit that comes from you. God works in wondrous and strange ways sometimes, but what I am learning is; Sometimes, maybe even most of the time. God might not always give me what I want, but always what I need.Thank you for taking the time to write me brother, I will continue to keep you in my prayers, you and your courageous family and ministry. Continue to abide in His Love and His Word. You are one of my role model Pastors, and I Love how the Lord has used you. Thanks David. May Gods peace be with you, and Grace abide forever.!

You are an awesome example to all of us in serving Christ and putting others first, faithfully committed and submitted to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Thank you for the reply and the prayers! That means a lot to me! Being a single mom, I am sometimes rather alone in life and it is SO good to know someone has prayed for me and my family, and/or my walk with the Lord!! SO good!

Greetings Pastor Rosales,
So thrilled with your walk with Jesus since that day in 1970. I love you and pray for you often.
Keep up the mighty witness.
God bless you.
Arthur Blessitt

I want to thank you for being my pastor and thru your sermons for helping me. I know that God is watching me and guiding me and he has guided me to you.

I have written you once before to let you know how much I appreciate you and your radio ministry as I listen to your messages M-F while at lunch break in Huntington Beach, CA.

I was so hoping you would give an invitation last night and you did. My friend responded and was saved last night.

I just wanted to thank Pastor David for the wonderful message on The Song of Soloman. I listened to it every day in between my classes. I would just sit back and relax in my car and listen to it.

As always, enjoyed your teaching from James. Thank you for the effort you put into preparing your weekly studies for us!

Thank you for your message today… I had to take a moment to share how impactful it was for me, and how grateful I was to have heard it.

I wanted to thank you for Sundays study….My husband and I are going through a VERY rough patch in our marriage and we really needed to hear that.

Just wanted to say thank you for your teachings, and for your love and care for all of us. I have and still am learning a lot since accepting Christ.

I want to thank the Lord for using you as a vessel to break my drug addiction.

Looking at the mail archives I can’t believe that 3 years have gone by since I began e-mail transmissions with you, I still listen to your radio programs on KWVE and leave that station on every time I travel. My family has been blessed by your programs, I always share them with my wife and kids.

I just want to tell you that you’re on fire for the Lord and we can feel it. I really like when you give messages about being doers and not only hearers of the word.

Just wanted to say Wednesday’s Bible Study was amazing…and so timely.

God bless you! What a great message yesterday at the Men’s Conference and awesome message today at church. I was blessed.

An extra special THANKS for Your message today Pastor..about how we need to leave the battle strategy to God…I see God changing me..(& all of us)…to never seek vengeance, but to add God’s words of correction(s) in a manner that pleases him, and teaches US to grow closer to Him…and first to personalize, pray, & mature in our own lives, before we pass on that precept to others.We appreciate how you divide the word

Hey PASTOR… How are you doing? Great message tonight…I’m all in on the being the next generation to step up and take this power that the LORD has given us and to encourage other to receive it also.

I just wanted to write and let you know how much I love you, and how thankful I am that you are my pastor. Thanks for bringing the Truth week-in and week-out; I have learned so much from you. I love you with all my heart

Our sincerest “Congratulations” on THIRTY Years of ministry, sound doctrine & teaching the Love of CHRIST. We are so happy for You and Your Family for enduring All of the Good times, and some of the sad times we All have experienced. Thanks SO much for allowing me to serve in Your ministry, as we look forward to the challenges of the next however many more days GOD will allow with HIS grace to serve Him here.

I want to thank you for your message yesterday morning. I would never have known otherwise, that “religion” isn’t the way, but rather what’s important is our relationship with our Father. Even though I was saved many years ago, yesterday’s teaching gave me such clarity and was such a blessing to me. It was a release of things built up in my heart that I didn’t even know were still there. That little girl that I was, the me that is today, was so joyful to hear the words the Lord spoke through you to my heart. I understand now.

This past Sunday I attended your services with my wife and my parents. I haven’t been to church since I was 13, but this Sunday while hearing your summon I felt as if God was telling me “you’re home welcome back”.

I first would like to thank you as a fellow servant of Christ for using the gifts God has bestowed upon you to uplift and edify the body of Christ. In fact, God has blessed you with many gifts and talents and they are very apparent in you as God uses you to Pastor the church at Calvary Chapel Chino Valley. I am very well aware of your passion for your sheep whom God has entrusted to you and I rejoice in the zeal you have for God’s holy name.

First I want to let you know that I listen to you on the radio everyday in my lunch hour and you have been huge blessing in my life in a way that you will never know. I pray God will continue to bless you and your family.

I hardly know where to start… I have listened to your teachings time and again. I know that the Lord has filled you with His Spirit and I know that you walk in the the truth of our Lord Jesus Christ, because every teaching I hear from you is a tremendous blessing.

I love your Cardboard Testimonies. It was unique. So unique, that it touched me very deeply; more than words can say.

Thank your for taking the Word of God seriouly! It’s refreshing to have a pastor that invites the lost to come to Christ!

Your study in the book of “Galatians” was great today. Keep on preaching the Word. I live in Corpus Christi, Texas and listen to your messages while driving home from work. You have been a great blessing to me. I love your video on the web site. Great testimony for all to read. May the Lord continue to bless your ministry at Chino Valley.

I brought my two little girls there when you were just starting in a little old preschool in Ontario. I gave my heart to Jesus and volunteered as much as i could. I just want to remind you of the times I saw you sit outside and pray about where this church would go. My daughters are grown now and are raising 7 babies to know the Lord. I would give anything to go back to those days of my life… the happiest…

Pastor, you do a great job of being a representative of Christ. You don’t water down the gospel so people don’t get offended. You don’t tickle ears and look to please people. You are straightforward with the gospel and explain why people need to have a sure foundation. Everything you do for people is because of your love toward them.

First and foremost, I wanted to let you know how much of a blessing you and your family have been to us. I thank God He led us to be fed His word by you. I also love our congregation, you can truly see the love and compassion that God has given you, and you in turn lead His church in the same way.

I wanted to express how much we love you and our Church family at CCCV. Your ministry means so much to my family. Your wife and children have been such a blessing to us through the 5 years the Lord has blessed us with CCCV.

I would like to thank you Pastor David for being faithful to our Lord and teaching His truth to us. By you being faithful to Him, He uses you to communicate His word to us. Continue doing the good work you are doing.

Pastor David, I just wanted to thank you for for not just having a simple fellowship breakfast for men, but having real men, like Ross Rhodes, who love Jesus and take time to really challenge men to walk with Jesus! It is both encouraging and convicting, but as men that is what we need to walk the walk.

I just want you to know how much I am blessed, sitting here in my home in Madrid, New Mexico, listening to the tender heart of Pastor David.

I thank God that He has put you in our lives and like you said in today’s service, “God orchestrates our life to get us where he wants us to be”. Thanks again for all that you do and will continue to do. God Bless you and your family.

I would like to thank you for having such a huge place in your heart for the single moms in our fellowship. I was truly blessed at the banquet this year. The fellowship with other single moms is always a blessing and encouragement. To be able to sit back and to be served dinner in and of itself was just amazing, let alone the real reason why we all were there… to sit at the feet of Jesus! Praise God for His wonderful ways, for blessing us with such a loving pastor. Thank you.

I wanna say thank you so much for being a wonderful pastor. I tell all my friends that God has blessed us with a pastor like you. Thank you for the single moms ministry, it is a blessing. I also want to say that the teaching you gave on 12/26/10 touch me deeply in my heart. I’m one of those people that’s been through a lot. I was very mad at God and lost faith, but after that day I learned that I am so blessed by God and see things in a different way and that He does changes lives. Thank you again for being a wonderful pastor.

I just wanted to thank you for your teaching ministry. I’ve been listening to you from Queretaro, Mexico for two and half years now.

I wanted to let you know what a blessed time my wife and I had at the young adult retreat. It was such an awesome weekend, I’ve honestly never experienced the relationships and bonds that were being formed as much as I did that weekend.

I am so bless to be a servant of Jesus Christ and you being my pastor. Yesterday’s message really hit home. I think being in CCCV has been a great blessing for me and my family. When I came to this church my life was a mess, I was a believer but I would still drink a beer once in awhile. But after a sermon that you gave us about keeping your testimony as a servant of Christ my life changed and every Sunday & Wednesday or any other day in Church is a great day.

My life has had many ups and downs but i would like you to know that God has used your words and life to help me and to show me Christ Jesus, and as you know we serve a living God and nothing is impossible for Him.

I am so thankful that when God grabbed a hold of my heart it was at your church back in 1996. I have learned so much from your teachings and from your life and I am so blessed.

I just wanted to send you a note and let you know that I appreciate all your hard work. I love your teaching, and I’m always proud to tell my friends what a terrific pastor we have for a leader. You and your family are in my prayers always. And thank you again for being such a great shepherd.

I live in San Diego so getting KWVE here is spotty. I listen online and am blessed by your bible studies. Thanks so much for being online.

I was one of those guys who needed re-assurance but now I am not ashamed of the Gospel. Our family prays at night before we go to bed and you and your ministries are in our prayers. I really enjoy your broadcast at 11:30am on KWVE as I can relate to your experiences, I may never get the chance to meet you here but I will make it a point to get together with you in Heaven.

Tonight’s message particularly touched me. The message that the best thing to share is The Word, as opposed to a highly polished presentation, such as the one tailored by Paul to the Athenians was very powerful. I just really felt the Spirit working on me throughout the message.

I wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I’ve been blessed by your morning messages on Facebook. I love the fact that you have made yourself more available to your fellowship. The new website is amazing!

I wanted to share what a blessing last night’s teaching in the book of Titus was for me. I agree that God’s Word is what people need for life transformation. I pray that our Father and gracious Lord continue to use you mightily everywhere you go, and that His Holy Spirit may fill you as you serve our Lord Savior Jesus Christ.

Your messages are always a blessing and are much appreciated

Thank you for your servant’s heart, your love for the Lord and for your love for us-your flock ( Jeremiah 23:4 ). My wife & I are very blessed by your ministry, Thank you & may the Lord continue to bless you & your family!

Thank you for teaching us and being our shepherd. I just wanted to comment on your message today. First it really ministered to me and what I need to step up and do more of, as a Christian mom and wife for my family.

Pastor David, I have been attending your church since January (Love it!) and was saved March 20th (praise God). I would like you to know that all your teachings have spoken to me and have great impact.

Hi David, I just want to thank you and your wonderful church. I was saved this year (at cccv) and am in the walk with God as a new believer and doing our Lords work to the best of my abilities.

I use to live in Chino and I attended CCCV. I now live in Washington D.C. and even though I have moved I still consider you my Pastor and CCCV my home church (I watch the Sunday morning service live through the internet- PTL for technology!). Thank you for your servant’s heart, your love for the Lord and for your love for us, your flock (Jeremiah 23:4). My wife & I are very blessed by your ministry, Thank you and may the Lord continue to bless you and your family!