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The Chapel Store

The Chapel Store

Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God by Jonathan Edwards  -  Christ has thrown the door of mercy wide open, and He stands crying out to all to accept His call. Jonathan Edwards presents a clear picture of the predicament of every sinner and lukewarm Christian.  Through his words, you can discover much about what it means to follow God. On sale for just $5.

Easter Outreach

Easter Outreach – Invite your friends and neighbors to Calvary Chapel Chino Valley’s Easter Services with a beautiful 21-Day Devotional pamphlet called “The Story of Easter.”  The Story of Easter lets people know the real reason for Easter, not bunnies and eggs, but the anticipation and celebration of the gift of the resurrection of Christ.  On the back of each pamphlet is a label with the times of our Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Services. $1.50 each.

25% OFF all Bible commentaries, Bible dictionaries, concordances, and all Bible reference books: Beginning in March, in order to help encourage your studies in God’s Word, The Chapel Store will be permanently reducing the price of our Bible commentaries, Bible dictionaries, concordances, and all Bible reference books.

 A Place Called Heaven by E.M. Bounds  — Christ has gone to prepare a place for you in heaven! Examining the scriptures that pertain to heaven, E. M. Bounds reveals how you can look forward to receiving your crown of glory, reigning with Christ forever, and reuniting with your loved ones. Get a taste of heaven here on earth, learn a true Christian attitude toward eternity, and discover how to lay up treasures for your eternal home. You can know that you are heaven-bound! Reg. $8.99, on sale for $5.00

The Action Bible ($24.29), The Action Bible Devotional ($16.19), and The Action Bible Guess It Game ($8.99)  – The Action Bible includes over 200 fast-paced narratives in chronological order, making it easy to follow the Bible’s historical flow and the stories communicate Biblical truth clearly and forcefully to contemporary readers.

The Tale of Three Trees 25th Anniversary Edition  – retold by Angela Hunt –  Three trees on a mountain dream of what they wanted to become when they grew up. One wants to be a treasure chest, another an ocean-going boat, and the third a signpost to God. Their wishes come true in a way they never expected. Children will be deeply touched as they understand, perhaps for the first time, the significance of Christ’s life and his atoning sacrifice on the cross. Recommended for ages 4 and up. $15.29

The Story of the Resurrection as told by Pastor Chuck Smith – Listen and read along as Pastor Chuck tells the greatest story every told: the story of God’s love.  Hear about the big problem we all had – a problem so big that God had to come down and fix it.  Step into the empty tomb and discover what God left there and rejoice in the promise this story gives us all. $8.99

 One-Minute Insights for Men by Jim George  – Insights to shape your mind and your life.  Start your day right with these practical insights; each one is designed to empower you to lead with strength in your marriage, model integrity and diligence on the job, and build a legacy of wisdom and love for your children.  $2.69

One-Minute Inspirations for Women by Elizabeth George– Insights to discover the heart of God.  Jump start your day with powerful one-minute devotions from best-selling author Elizabeth George.  Each inspiration is handpicked to help you face your circumstance with confidence, make important decisions using biblical guidelines and feel closer to God as you walk in His strength.  $2.69

Bible Basics for Everyone by Terry Glaspey  – The Bible made simple and memorable.  This easy to understand volume will give you the information and tools you need to get more out of reading the Bible and point you toward ways you can apply its truth to your life.  Its features include a five minute overview of the entire Bible to help you see how it fits together, a guided tour through each book of the Bible that hits the important highlights, interesting information about Bible translations and the Bible’s impact, along with study tips, and a collection of Bible verses to help you deal with life’s biggest struggles. $2.69

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 11th

50% off selected NKJV Women’s Study Bibles – Dig deeper into God’s Word with the help of inspiring articles by Anne Graham Lotz, Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Emilie Barnes and more.  Gain new insights into Scripture, learn to apply God’s Word, reflect and delight in hundreds of insightful quotes, and explore the Bible with a topical index.  Priced from $16.99-37.50  

The Bible Promise Book: Inspiration from God’s Word for Mothers – If the Bible says it, you can believe it.  The Bible is full of promises.  And when God makes a promise, you can trust it.  $8.99  

3-Minute Devotions for Moms: Inspiring Devotions and Prayers – Take a few minutes of your day to pause, reflect, and renew your spirit with these 3-minute readings designed just for you, Mom!  Meditate on a brief scripture selection, read through the devotional and read the prayer to help jump start a conversation with your heavenly Father.  $4.49  

A Mother’s Daily Prayer Journal – The effortless way to organize your prayer and praise notes all year long with inspiring quotations and scripture selections, dozens of lined pages with helpful prompts, and an easy to use, lay-flat binding.  $13.49

Wisdom for Everyday Living: 365 Daily Devotions from America’s Most Influential Christian Leaders – Devotions from Pastor David Rosales (pages 168, 225, 340), Mike MacIntosh, Raul Ries, Steve Mays, Anne Graham Lotz, and more $17.95  

AHA: Awakening.Honesty.Action by Kyle Idleman – We’ve all had aha! moments in our lives – times when a sudden revelation surprises us with insight.  With everyday examples and trademark testimonies, the author draws on Scripture to reveal how these three elements can draw us closer to God. $13.49  

What Happens After Life? 21 Amazing Revelations About Heaven and Hell by Ron Rhodes – Do you wonder what happens when you die?  If so, you’ll appreciate this inspiring survey of the Bible’s encouraging teachings about the afterlife.  Each chapter is short enough to read in one sitting and zeros in on a single reassuring truth.  $10.79  

Tyndale: The Man Who Gave God an English Voice by David Teems – It was an outlawed book, a text so dangerous “it could only be countered by the most vicious burnings, of books and men and women.” But what book could incite such violence and bloodshed?  Enter William Tyndale, the gifted, courageous “heretic” who dared translate the Word of God into English.  He worked in secret, in exile, in peril, always on the move.  Neither England, nor the English language, would ever be the same again.  $14.39

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