Friday -- January 30, 2015

The Chapel Store

The Chapel Store

Book of  the month

Bible Basics for Everyone by Terry Glaspey for $2.69.

Get the most out of your Bible study! Revealing the wonder, power, and message of Scripture in new ways, Glaspey answers questions people often have about God’s Word and offers a 90-day reading plan. Also includes verses for comfort, peace, and grace, 66 one-page summaries of each book, seven ways to better know God and much more.

KWAVE Book of the Month

Wisdom For Today by Chuck Smith  for $9.99

The world in which we live places great value on knowledge. But people don’t always strive to know the most important things. The truth is you may be extremely knowledgeable about insects, or stars, or the sciences. You may be very wise about those sorts of things and people might really admire you for that knowledge. That´s all well and good, but if you don’t have the wisdom of God, you’re missing the most important knowledge a man can ever hope to attain.

Come alongside Pastor Chuck as he takes us on a journey from Genesis to Revelation. Providing God’s wisdom for our lives in this 366-daily devotional (for those leap years), discover how the Bible speaks volumes of wisdom to us every day.

 Passage Book Club

Storm: Hearing Jesus for the Times We Live In by Jim Cymbala for $14.99

In his first prophetic book about the challenges facing today’s church—including decreasing attendance, watered-down messages, and pastor burnout—Cymbala also demonstrates that the power of the Holy Spirit can never be defeated. With inspiring stories of changed lives, he draws you back to hope and prayer, offers ways to lead with love, and more. 208 pages, hardcover from Zondervan.

The Chapel Store

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