Holy Grounds Café

Our Holy Grounds Café is a cozy and friendly environment with helpful servants ready to take your order. Often times, you will find friends and families gathering together after a church service to share how their week has been or how they were impacted by the teaching.

We offer a variety of food options including our best sellers like our breakfast burrito, chicken quesadillas, homemade chicken tortilla soup (a churchwide favorite), and homemade chips and salsa.

We proudly serve Klatch coffee which is a local roaster from Rancho Cucamonga. Since 1993, Klatch Coffee Inc. has been searching the world over for the finest coffee. Buying from only the top 1% of beans available, Klatch roasts in small batches to ensure optimum flavor and freshness. Klatch has won several awards in roasting competitions for their espresso blends and quality beans. Klatch uses the direct trade model, buying directly from the growers.

Some of our favorite specialty drinks include our Flavored Lattes, Blended Frappe drinks, and our very favorite Vanilla Chai Latte, which has a special chai blend that we purchase from a family-owned business in Fallbrook, CA.

Café hours

Sunday Morning
Sunday Evening
4:00pm - ½ hour after service lets out*
Wednesday Evening
*Registers are always closed during the teaching.