Kung Fu San Soo 20th Anniversary


The Kung Fu San Soo class offered at Calvary Chapel of the Chino Valley is celebrating its 20th anniversary at the church.

In reviewing the last 20 years, we first thank God for the opportunity He provided to present this training in a church setting. To our knowledge, we were one of the first ministries to teach martial arts in a Christian atmosphere and even more rare, to include prayer and Christian teaching as part of the curriculum. Since classes are open to the church and community, many who are unchurched have been exposed to Jesus through this class.

Second, we thank Pastor David for his insight and vision in bringing this class to our church and personally selecting Sam Silva to act as its instructor. We strictly follow Pastor David’s directive to keep Jesus first and the San Soo teaching pure to its origin form as taught by Jimmy H. Woo, the man who brought San Soo to the United States.

Third, we thank the fellowship who have prayed for and encouraged Sam over the years. We also thank those who have attended the Adult Class or who have brought their children to attend the Kids Class. This class has had an outstanding effect on both kids and young adults. Besides self-defense they learn concentration, discipline, polite manners and especially self-confidence. These traits will follow them and positively affect their entire life.

Classes are ongoing. For more information, please visit the gazebo after Sunday morning service on 9/3 and 9/10. You may also visit sansoochinovalley.com for additional information.