A Sure Foundation Podcast

A Sure Foundation is the Podcast Ministry of Calvary Chapel Chino Valley. The programs on our podcast cover a wide range of subjects that touch on the things that are important in the life of the believer, and we hope they are a blessing to you. We have multiple programs available that come out weekly or bi-weekly, and we’re sure that there will be a program that will speak directly to your interests as a Christian.

Here is a list of the current programs on the A Sure Foundation Podcast:

Talks From The Heart
Talks From The Heart features Pastor David Rosales and Robert Baltodano. On this program they discuss everything from current events to deep spiritual issues, and their goal is to help you with your daily walk with the Lord. If you have a question you would like answered on the program, send us an email at talks@calvaryccv.org.

Classic Calvary
Classic Calvary is the program that brings you Pastor David’s studies from Calvary Chapel Chino Valley’s past. These studies are all 20 years old or older, and we’re excited to finally release these digitally for the first time ever. The wisdom shared within these teachings is timeless, and our hope is that you’ll be refreshed by these classic teachings.

Reaching The Lost
Hosted by Dan Edwards and Stephen Cserhalmi, this program covers topics such as evangelizing, the validity of the Bible, Islam, and all things missions. Dan and Stephen have decades of experience in the mission field between them, and their experience and wisdom make this program a must for those who have a heart for the lost.

Current Studies
Pastor David teaches verse-by-verse here at Calvary Chapel Chino Valley, and this is the program where you’ll be able to hear those current teachings.

You can subscribe to the A Sure Foundation Podcast free and easily by clicking the links below.