Church Matching Scholarship


About the Church Matching Scholarship

At Calvary Chapel Chino Valley we recognize the need for quality Christian education. In a world full of opposing and challenging views of the Christian faith we desire to support the God-inspired goals and aspirations of our youth by providing them with a portion of financial assistance toward their higher education.

A Church Matching Scholarship is a fixed monetary amount awarded to qualifying, recently admitted freshman college students. How it works is CCCV would award eligible applicants a certain scholarship amount (up to $500). Then, the partnering Christian university in which the student will be attending would agree to match that same awarded amount.

The student would apply separately at CCCV and the participating Christian university in which they have been admitted. Applications would be reviewed by both parties and, thus, determine eligibility for the student. Each party possesses their own requirements for the applicant.


2016-2017 Partnering Christian Universities


Biola University



Students who have recently been admitted to or are currently enrolled at Biola University.

1. October 1, 2016 - deadline for students who attend the fall semester only, or both fall and spring semesters.
2. March 1, 2017 - deadline for students who attend only the spring semester.

1. Traditional undergraduate and graduate students.
2. ELSP students once during first two semesters.
3. Enrolled at least half-time.
4. Demonstrate financial need based on FAFSA information.
5. Special programs including MA Apologetics, Chiang Mai, Kiev, etc, are not eligible (see Biola's guideline form to verify additional ineligible programs).

Submit Biola's Church Matching Scholarship Application for appropriate aid year, and attach a church sponsorship check made out to Biola University by scholarship deadline.

Confirmed student financial aid file by scholarship deadline including FAFSA online and all requested forms (International students are exempt).

Scholarship is subject to renewal.

For more information and to apply to Biola's Church Matching Scholarship

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Calvary Chapel Chino Valley Requirements


Deadline: September 1st, 2016

Applicants must comply with the requirements set forth by Biola University.

1. First year, full-time student newly admitted to Biola.
2. 3.0 GPA.
3. Attended CCCV fellowship for the last 5 years.
4. U.S citizen.

1. Verifiable demonstration of regular involvement in church ministry.
2. Verifiable demonstration of involvement in school activities (ie. ASB, student council, student organizations, etc.).
3. Agree to and sign a disclaimer to commit to maintain a 2.5 GPA throughout aid year.

Application Process:
1. Candidates must complete a Calvary Chapel Chino Valley Church Matching Scholarship Application.
2. Complete an interview with a staff minister.
3. Provide at least three personal references not related to applicant, including one pastoral reference.
4. 500-600 word statement of purpose explaining the number of years you and/or your family have been attending CCCV, your salvation experience, involvement in school and church ministry, and your goals.

To apply for the CCCV Church Matching Scholarship

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