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Fall Semester  2018 | August  19 – December  8

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Welcome to Chino Valley Christian College (CVCC)! We are excited you have considered being a part of the vision the Lord has instilled in our heart.

It is our desire to equip men and women to be prepared to serve the Lord in every area of their lives. We want them to be disciples of Jesus who are known for love and service. With this vision in mind, we aspire to reach this goal by providing an academically challenging curriculum in various theological and ministry related themes such as servanthood, apologetics, missions, ministry leadership, pastoral ministry, and worship. It is our hope that students will have a deeper love for the Lord, His Word, and others as they study with us at Chino Valley Christian College!


CVCC is currently not accredited. However, the college will be moving toward that direction in the near future. The two main reasons why the Christian College, and others like it, are not accredited include that we wish to continue having local pastors teach Bible classes. Some of these pastors— although called by God, gifted, and experienced in teaching—do not have Masters Degrees. Second, CVCC wants to keep the cost of tuition affordable so that more students have the opportunity to study and remain free from school debt. Accreditation by a recognized agency would make it more difficult for CVCC to maintain these priorities. Instead, they have chosen to remain unaccredited and seek to demonstrate the credibility of CVCC through compliance with generally accepted accreditation standards, articulation agreements with accredited colleges, and especially through the spiritually fruitful lives of the students who have attended.

A school is accredited when it has been investigated and found worthy of approval by an accrediting agency. Accreditation alone (or the lack of it) does not determine whether or not a school is legitimate or credible, since not all accreditation is equal. Some accrediting agencies are recognized by the U.S. Department of Education (USDE) and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), but others are not recognized. Also, some schools are based outside of the U.S. and are accredited by standards which differ from those of the recognized agencies in the U.S. Prospective students should be aware of these important distinctions.

Many opportunities have been available for students who are called to pursue education beyond Bible College even though academic degrees are not the main goal of our program. Although we are not accredited by a government-recognized accrediting agency, many accredited colleges have accepted some of our courses in transfer, and our Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree has been accepted by some of the finest seminaries in the nation.

If you would like more information on how to earn an accredited Bachelors in Theology, visit our Degree Programs page.

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