Tuesday -- September 2, 2014

Small Groups

Married couples, we are continuing to take sign-ups online and at the gazebo through Sunday, 8/24 for our upcoming Couples’ Fall Study that begins on Friday, September 5th. We meet on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month from 7-9pm. Childcare is available for children 12 and under. Cost is $20 per couple.

The book we will be going through this session is Grace Filled Married: The Missing Piece, the Place to Start by Dr. Tim Kimmel. Book review: There are few places on the planet where grace is less often expressed than in marriage. We often show more grace to our competitors in sports, politics and business than we do to our husbands or wives. Think about it . . .. What does grace have to do with marriage? Vital elements like forgiveness, security, significance, acceptance, approval, intimacy-all are words of grace for which we hunger. . What does a grace-based marriage look like? We hear grace in our tone of voice, we see grace in expressions on our faces, we feel grace in the warmth of a touch, we taste grace in acts of simple courtesy, we smell grace in the fragrance of shared prayers and desires. Dr. Kimmel shows you how to evaluate your own grace-aptitude, and then leads you step-by-step into grace intelligence that will transform first you, and then your marriage.

Each year we have Fall and Spring Couples’ Bible study sessions. Couples complete the study beforehand and come prepared to share with and receive from the other group members. Each group has facilitators who help lead the group through a study. We meet the 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month from 7-9pm.  Each week, after study, we have a time of fellowship on the patio. Childcare is provided (up to 12 years old).

Married: A small group setting where approximately 9-12 married couples gather together for worship, study of God’s Word and fellowship with other married couples.

Engaged: We are currently not offering a small group study for engaged couples. If you would be interested in joining a study for engaged couples, please let our Couples’ Ministry know by emailing us at CCCVCouples@calvary.org. We have offered this bible study group in the past for those who are engaged to be married. The small groups are approximately 6 engaged couples which varies depending upon the currently engaged couples.