Tuesday -- January 27, 2015

Wedding Information


Calvary Chapel Chino Valley requires all those desiring to reserve the church for their wedding to complete the following:

Complete and submit a pre-marital packet with all information correctly filled out.

  • Have a pre-marital interview with a pastor prior to being accepted into a pre-marital class.
  • Complete the 6-week pre-marital class of one (1) class per week.

Please Note:  Performance of marriage ceremonies is an accommodation to the fellowship, NOT an obligation.  It is understood that entering into pre-marital counseling is NOT an agreement of approval to be married here.  After completion of counseling, and only AFTER, will permission be given by a pastor to be married at CCCV.  Calvary Chapel is NOT obligated to meet any wedding date set prior to counseling.

WEDDING DATE:  We allow advance reservations of the sanctuary from those in our fellowship 6 months prior to their tentative wedding date with a deposit of ½ of the fee. For those who do not attend CCCV we will consider reservations 3 months prior to your wedding date. We have this time frame to accommodate church events as we have a very active church.  Please call to see if we can accommodate your desired date.

You are still required to attend pre-marital classes, and receive pastoral approval.  All weddings are to be reserved by the wedding secretary and are subject to availability.  If there is a cancellation, we ask that you let us know at least two (2) weeks prior.

The fee for use of the sanctuary is $500.00. ($350 for the Chapel)

This includes the following:

  • Use of the sanctuary for rehearsal (day before) and wedding day
  • 2 wedding coordinators (1st meeting one month before ceremony)
  • Light and sound technicians
  • Custodian
  • All brassware, including candelabras, candles, kneeler, wedding arch, white runner and white satin bows.
  • All Balances are due 2 weeks before the wedding date.


MUSIC:  It is your responsibility to arrange for the music for your wedding.  Pre-recorded music is acceptable upon approval and we request a CD at least two weeks before your wedding date.

MARRIAGE LICENSE:  You must obtain a marriage license at your nearest County Clerk’s office.

FLOWERS:  If you desire flowers, you must make these arrangements on your own. (Please use silk flower petals for flower girls).

PHOTOGRAPHY:  If you desire photos or a videographer please make these arrangements on your own.  We are able to record your ceremony using our stationary cameras in the Sanctuary only.  There is an additional cost for this – $200.  We must know in advance of this request.

Calvary Chapel Chino Valley desires that all those requesting to be married by one of the pastors in the church have, as pre-requisites:

  1. Received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
  2. Regularly attend Calvary Chapel Chino Valley

All couples will make arrangements through the church office at (909) 464-8255.  The pre-marital classes are for the purpose of establishing your coming marriage in the Word of God and to show you the boundaries and guidelines that Christ and the Bible have for you.


If you request a video presentation or would like your service to be recorded (Sanctuary only), there is additional cost and guidelines.  Video presentation – $150, recording of ceremony – $200. Videos for presentation need to be turned in 2 weeks prior to ceremony with the name and contact information of who created it.


We can accomodate Friday evening and Saturday weddings. There will be no wedding date confirmed until after the second pre-marital class.  This is up to the Minister’s discretion.  Please note that we cannot accommodate a wedding time after 4pm or before 10am on a Saturday.  All wedding dates are subject to availability.


  1. After successfully completing two pre-marital classes, submit a marriage license.
  2. Go in person together to the County Clerk’s office with a valid driver’s license or I.D., cash or check and your final judgment if this is your second marriage.  Your license will be valid for 90 days.