Men's Ministry

God’s calling upon men is one of servant-leadership, sacrifice, and integrity. Without the empowerment of the Holy Spirit and support from other men, this calling can seem impossible. For this reason, Men’s Ministry exists to provide the encouragement, discipleship, and accountability men need from one another. Throughout the year, there are events that challenge men to cultivate a life of prayer, worship, service, fellowship, and studying of the Word. Are you ready to get plugged into a community of men seeking Jesus? Check out our upcoming Men’s Ministry events and watch how God will bless you!


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Man to Man

M2M is a time for men to get focused and serious about Biblical Manhood. There are many lies being fed to the men of today. M2M will take those lies and confront them with the truth of God’s Word. This free event will occur every other month beginning Tuesday, September 13th from 7:00pm-8:30pm.

We understand that schedules can be busy during the week, which is why M2M is designed to be richly impactful and to get you home at a decent hour. The café will be open at 6:00pm for men coming straight from work and that would like to relax, visit with friends, or purchase a coffee or snack.

M2M offers a time of worship, a teaching geared specifically for men, and a time of open and honest Q&A with the speaker. Men of all ages are welcome.

If you have a question you would like to ask Pastor David for our upcoming Q&A on September 13th, simply email it to:

Awaken: Unplug to Reconnect

Mark your calendars! Our Men’s Retreat will be taking place on October 21st-23rd at Twin Peaks Conference Center. Do you find yourself consumed by distractions? This year’s theme, “Awaken – Unplug to Reconnect,” is going to challenge men to surrender their distractions and reconnect with the Lord! Sign-ups will begin on Sunday, September 4th.

Begins Monday, November 7th at 7:00pm

Men’s Small Groups are a great way for men to grow closer to the Lord, study the Bible, create new friendships, and put their faith into action. Sign-ups for our upcoming Fall session will begin after M2M on September 13th at 7:00pm. Men will have the opportunity to choose which study they would like to join. Please begin to pray about which study the Lord would like for you to do!

Jeremiah - Hundreds of years before Christ's birth, the people of Judah were in full rebellion. Influenced by the pagan culture surrounding them, the Israelites began to worship idols instead of the one true God. As their depravity grew and destruction loomed, a lone prophet was given an enormous task: call God's people back to Him. This study examines the events that led to the fall of Israel, while exploring the heart and mission of a prophet who made a decision to stand for the Lord no matter what.

Ephesians - In a society where wealth is often the measurement of success, this study unpacks the riches believers already have, frequently without knowing or taking advantage of them. We are saved through faith, and with this gift come many other blessings. We have the Holy Spirit to empower us for the work of the Kingdom. We have the necessary spiritual armor to fight off enemy attacks. We have the promise of eternity with a loving Father and perfect God. Not only has God given us the promise of an eternity in heaven—He has given us the reality of a relationship with Him right here on earth.

Forgiveness - When we hurt the people we love, how do we go about restoring the relationship? When we suffer the pain of betrayal, injury or rejection from someone else, how do we deal with the anger and resentment we feel? This study leads the way to help you discover, understand, and practice what the Bible says about forgiveness.

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Men, would you like to invest time in praying alongside your brothers in Christ each week? Join Men's Prayer in Room 523, every Sunday, at 7:00am. All men are welcome.