Thursday -- January 29, 2015


In 2 Timothy 2:2, God calls us to commit the things in which we have learned to faithful men, that they also would be able to teach others.

The Discipleship Ministry is designed to do just that.  Our goal and purpose is to raise up men who are grounded in the Lord, men that have a passion to serve the Lord and to be totally surrendered to God and God alone.  Who in turn will be able to pass the baton and disciple others to do the same.


It is one man coaching, mentoring, leading another man, one on one, one at a time, with spiritual direction.  It is finding out where a man is in life and helping, at any given point, to become more of the man God wants him to be. It is sharing a testimony, of what God has done.


In ministry we have learned that it is essential for men to have a mentor, coach, spiritual leader,  and friends to help keep them accountable. In this day and age, where marriages are constantly being attacked, what is necessary is for men to lead their homes. Strong men that are grounded in the Lord.  Strong men and fathers that can lead their families with courage, direction, and confidence.  These men are not only vital to their families, but they are vital in the church, city, country, and the world.


It is for man who desires to have a deeper walk with the Lord.  It is not designed for men that are new believers, but men that want to take their walk with the Lord to the next level.  It is not for the man who is struggling with a life dominating sin such as drugs, alcohol, or purity.  And not for the man that is in need of counseling.  It aims for the man that has a stable foundation and who is ready for God to further build on that foundation.


Discipleship is one on one mentoring. Your Discipler will meet with you and together determine areas that need to be strengthened.  It is entirely centered on God’s Word and is God honoring.  Attainable goals will be set and curriculum on several topics will be covered, based upon individual needs.

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Are you interested in becoming involved in this ministry?  If you have the desire to be discipled, please click on the below link and fill out the Men’s Discipleship Application, click the submit button and your application will be sent to us via email.