Thursday -- January 29, 2015

Recent Mission Trips

Haiti – May 2013

We sent a team out to Haiti, serving alongside Cross to Light Ministries at their Bible Training Center!
The Bible Training Center’s goal is to teach and make disciples; the student there are called “Men on Fire”. The team took this week to go through an in depth study on II Corinthians with the students. The team brought with them supplies to meet needs; to help feed and clothe the women and children that come to Cross to Light Ministries. They had the opportunity to visit various orphanages and hospitals to love on and pray for infants, young children, and patients. Many divine appointments were given to the team to encourage the people of Haiti. One night, they were able to present the “Jesus Film” in Creole; a movie showing the ministry, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus to many Haitian people in a Tent City.
Photos will be up soon!

New Jersey Sandy Relief Team 2013

This past January, a team of 18 people traveled to Highlands, New Jersey to serve alongside Calvary Chapel Jesus Fellowship. The team stayed at Pastor Bruce Koczman and wife, Karen’s, house. The goal was to help with reconstruction, minister to the believers from the church, and witness to the unsaved in the community. The team had the privilege to do just that, as they divided and conquered throughout the small towns that were hit by Super-storm Sandy. Devastation is still so prevalent in the cities along the shore. Many people still  remain out of power, with no hot water, and even homeless as they wait to hear whether their houses, after inspection, will be condemned or not. The team was able to work at several job-sites to help further along the process for houses to be inspected. Jobs that would take some families months to do on their own were accomplished in days by our team. The people of New Jersey were extremely grateful for the help of our team. Many friendships were built along the way with the families whose houses were worked on and the people from CCJF. We will continue to keep these special people in our prayers as they continue to trust the Lord each day, despite the tragic repercussions of the storm. We ask that, as a church body, you would also lift them up in your prayers as well.

Click here to view: CCCV New Jersey Sandy Relief 2013 Video

Christmas in Mexicali 2011
We have been blessed to be able to host a Christmas outreach in Mexico for the last several years. This year we came alongside CC Mexicali and the Barillaro family, to distribute nearly 300 gift shoe boxes, infant blankets and also new shoes for the children who live in the children’s home at CC Mexicali.
Prior to crossing the border in Calexico, we always stop to pray for a safe crossing. We could have easily been told to turn around and go back to the U.S. However after a careful and lengthy inspection, we were told to “pass” and we quickly continued on our way to the church.
The Saturday outreach included games, food, worship, the Preaching of the Word of God and an invitation for the children to receive Jesus Christ into their hearts as Lord and Savior. At the conclusion of the outreach we distributed the gifts to the children. The lines of children appeared endless. As the piles of gift boxes shrunk, I thought “Lord, if necessary, will you multiply them like loaves of bread and fish?”. As the last child in line walked away with a big smile on his face, I turned and saw a small pile of gifts on the floor. Later the remaining gifts were distributed to children who were unable to attend the outreach.
God is always faithful. How can we respond except to obey the Lord in whatever He calls us to do. Hebrews 11:8 reads “By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to go out to the place which he would receive as an inheritance. And he went out, not knowing where he was going”. It can read “as He was being called” or “when He was being called”. In other words, his obedience was immediate. May we be as obedient to God’s call – whether near or far.