Friday -- October 31, 2014

First Responders

This ministry is open to all Police, Fire, Emergency, and Military personnel and their families.

Meeting times and locations are announced in the church bulletin.

This ministry is designed to encourage and strengthen men and women so they can be used by God in the professions which they have been called.

Just as importantly, it is also a ministry for the spouses and families of these first responders. It is the family who often receives the anger and frustration frequently brought home by the first responder. Yet, the families need to be there at those times to simply love, encourage, and provide godly counsel to their loved ones. Therefore, the spouse and family needs to be encouraged by the Word of God in order to have strength and wisdom to deal with issues as they arise.

If you feel you and your family would benefit from the First Responders ministry, please plan to attend the next meeting. We look forward to seeing you there.

For more information, please contact us at: