Wednesday -- January 28, 2015


The Parking Ministry consists of men and women who happily serve the Church in a number of ways. Perhaps most important is that the Parking Ministry is normally the first contact people have when they enter the church grounds. This highly visible position acts as an ambassador of the love of Christ and a representation of our church by encouraging, greeting, and directing the frequent church goer and the first time visitor. The first impression made on a visitor by the Parking Ministry, is vitally important.

Members of the Parking Ministry also can be called on to answer questions regarding services, class room locations, etc.

The Parking Ministry helps coordinate the flow of traffic within the Church parking lots and guide vehicles to available parking stalls. They assist disabled people and those with special needs with parking and sometimes direct pedestrian traffic in the parking lots before and after service.

Normally a parking servant will choose a day and service time when they can serve. This includes any Sunday morning service, Sunday evening, or Wednesday nights. Additional opportunities to serve include special events, off-site events, etc.

People interested in this ministry must have attended our Church for at least six months, be a dedicated believer who adheres to the Bible, has patience and a love for people. The ministry also requires self commitment, self discipline, and a desire to represent the love of this Church.

Ministry opportunity is available to both men and women, ages 16 yrs. and older. If you desire to become involved in an interesting, people-oriented ministry, please fill out a ministry application HERE.