Thursday -- July 24, 2014


Kids Under Konstruction Mission Statement
The mission of Kids Under Konstruction is to extend our Pastor’s vision and purpose to the kids and their families. Our desire is to be supporting agents in the parents’ attempt to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ and build a spiritual foundation for and in their children. It is also our desire, that through God’s timing, all the “kids” in the fellowship become children of God.

Kids Under Konstruction Purpose
-Word- Teach the Word of God to all children.
-Worship- Exalt the Lord through praise and worship.
-Withness- Support the fellowship of the body of believers with love to the children.
-Witness- Equip the children to serve God and family.

Serving in the Children’s Ministry
Are you interested in serving in the Children’s Ministry? Fill out a ministry application HERE and we will contact you!