Friday -- January 30, 2015


Q. How do I get involved in Children’s Ministry?
A. We would love to come and join us love and care for the littlest members of our fellowship. All you would have to do is come to the CM office and talk to one of our friendly office servants, they will direct you on how to sign up – or just complete one of our Children’s Ministry interest sign-up cards (which can be found in the back of the Sanctuary pews) and drop it off at any agape box. If you do not have an active ministry application on file, please pick one up at the CM office or Gazebo, complete it and return it to our office for processing. You will be contacted for follow up and training within a couple of weeks after we receive your application.

Q. Would I be required to teach if I join Children’s Ministry?
A. Absolutely not! There are plenty of ways you can serve in the ministry that do not require teaching. We would be blessed to have you in whatever capacity you feel comfortable so sign-up at the Children’s Ministry office today!

Q. How can my child get involved in serving in Children’s Ministry?
A. If your child is at least 10 years old, he/she can join the T.E.A.M. Ministry (Teens Engaged in A Ministry). TEAM ministry servants help teachers in the classroom. If your child is interested just have them come to the TEAM Office located in the 400 building. All TEAM members are required to meet with the TEAM overseer for a brief orientation before they can begin serving in the classroom.

Q. Is it ok to bring my child’s friend/relative to our fellowship even though this may not be their home fellowship? And how do we help them register?
A. Absolutely, as a matter of fact, we encourage kids to witness to their friends and relatives by inviting them to come to church with them. Please be aware that the same check-in/out procedure is to be followed for guest/visitor children. You can check in your child’s friend in their own classroom depending on their age/grade level.

Q. Is it ok to bring snacks or treats for my child to share with the other children in his/her class?
A. More than 12 million Americans suffer from food allergies – 3.1 million of these are children. The Children’s Ministry¬†has been entrusted with the care and safety of the children in our fellowship. Because food allergies have become such a prevalent issue of concern for our little ones, we ask that parents and teachers do not bring special treats for the children. In the event of a special day or party, the parents will be given a list of foods before the class so they can approve/disapprove.

Q. I’m concerned that my baby’s diaper may not be changed when needed; how do I know that he/she will not be left in a wet diaper during class?
A. In order to better minister to our children and their parents, we change diapers for every child during the service that they are under our care. In other words, every child under our care will have their diaper changed, regardless if it is clean, wet or soiled. In this way, we will insure that each child will be handed back to their parent with a clean diaper.

Q. What are those numbers that appear on the side of the sanctuary stage from time to time?
A. That is our Digital Display System used to alert parents that they are needed in their child’s classroom. When children are checked into their classrooms, parents receive a card with a number which corresponds to their child. Should a need arise during service requiring the parents attention, the child’s assigned number will be displayed on the Digital Display System we asked that parents come to their child’s classroom if their child’s number is displayed.

Got a question for us?
We invite you to visit our Children’s Ministry Office for more information about our ministry.