Sunday -- February 1, 2015

Special Needs

·Provide the families of special needs children the opportunity to attend church service on Sundays & Wednesdays and to participate in fellowship in church-related activities.

·Show the children the love of Jesus and share with them His Word in practical ways

·Facilitate a space for parents and siblings to exchange information and experiences in order to help each other with some of the challenges they may face

·Provide yet another setting to fellowship and pray with other believers.

Parents can enroll their children at the Special Needs room located in Rm. 206. Parents will be given a special information sheet to complete which will assist the teachers in identifying the special needs of each child. This information is kept confidential. Parents will have the chance to attend an orientation meeting with the ministry members and will be encouraged to participate in ministry events. Parents are also welcome to participate in the classrooms with their children.

Ministry Information and Sign Up:
Please come to the Children’s Ministry office to sign up.  For further information please call (909)464-8255 x100