Friday -- November 28, 2014

Jr. High Minister

Joe McTarsney is the jr. high youth minister here at Calvary Chapel Chino Valley.  Joe has been on the ministerial staff since 1995. He is married to Dyane (June of 99) and has two children, Joshua (born in 02) and Katelyn (born in 04).

Joe McTarsney’s Bio-Serving Youth

1989-1992-Youth Leader at Victory Outreach

1992-1993-Youth Leader at Calvary Chapel Chino Valley

1993-1994-Calvary Chapel Bible College-Twin Peaks

1995-Full Time Jr High Staff Minister at Calvary Chapel Chino Valley

Taught Youth at:

* Bible Clubs in Public Schools

*Chapel Services in Christian Schools


*Youth Events

*Calvary Chapel National Youth Workers Conference

*Lectures at Calvary Chapel Bible College

*Orientation Class for Christian Teachers

*Orientation Class for Coaches-Christian Youth Athletic Association


* Calvary Chapel South Bay’s Children’s and Youth Conference

* National Day of Prayer Service at Chino City Hall

Taken Youth to:





*Former Chaplain at California Youth Correction Facility

*Current Chaplain at City of Chino Fire Department


*Rio Hondo College

*Calvary Chapel Bible College

*Philosophy and Leadership Lessons-David Rosales, Senior
Pastor, Calvary Chapel Chino Valley

*Foundation of Biblical Studies- Ed Hindson, Ph.D-Liberty University

*Apologetics-B.J Oropeza, Ph.D-Azusa Pacific University

*Apologetics-Liberty University

Books that have impacted Joe’s Life:

Why Grace Changes Everything  by Chuck Smith

Living Water by Chuck Smith

The Jesus Style by Gayle Erwin

Improving Your Serve by Chuck Swindoll

On Being A Servant by Warren Wiersbe

Living with the Giants by Warren Wiersbe

The power of Integrity by John MacArthur

Mere Christianity by C.S Lewis


Love and Respect by Emerson Eggerichs

Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas

Marriage from Surviving to Thriving by Chuck Swindoll


Systematic Theology by Norman Geisler

The Kingdom of the Cults by Walter Martin


Spiritual Leadership by Oswald Sanders

Hand Me Another Brick by Chuck Swindoll

Lectures to My Students by Charles Spurgeon


Preaching and teaching with Imagination by Warren Wiersbe

The Elements of Preaching by Warren & David Wiersbe

Expository Preaching  by John MacArthur


Spiritual Discipleship by Oswald Sanders

Calvary Road by Roy Hession

The Practice of Godliness by Jerry Bridges


Counseling Youth by Josh McDowell

The Billy Graham Christian Worker’s Handbook by Billy Graham

Self Confrontation by John Broger

Quick Scripture Reference for Counseling by John Kruis

Pamphlets by Joe McTarsney (click here)


If you would like to speak with Joe, please call 909-464-8255, ext. 232, or email him at