OIA Class


Servant positions as ministry teachers, assistants and facilitators at CCCV usually include teaching or conversing with others about information found in the Bible. Although every believer increases in knowledge while studying God's word it is important to ensure that we truly know how to communicate and teach the Bible since Bible teachers will receive "...greater accountability and more condemnation..." if taught incorrectly (James 3:1 AMP).

To help, those currently serving in ministry as teachers, and those who have a desire to teach the Bible are invited to take advantage of our next OIA class beginning Monday, September 11th. This 7-week course will delve into Bible study methods that will help enhance one's teaching ability as well provide an increased understanding in how to rightly divide God's truth. The class will begin at 7:00pm in room 524. The cost for materials is $20. Sign-ups will take place online and at the Gazebo through September 10th. For questions please contact the church
office during weekly office hours.

If you would like to sign up for the OIA Class

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