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Marriage 101 Class

Marriage 101 classes are offered to all engaged and married couples who attend Calvary Chapel Chino Valley. We are now accepting applications.

Calvary Chapel Chino Valley requires that all couples requesting to be married by one of our ministers have as prerequisite the following:

1. Submit a completed application
2. Meet with one of our Ministers for a brief interview prior to being accepted into the marriage classes
3. Complete the 5-week marriage classes
4. Received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
5. Regularly attend Calvary Chapel Chino Valley and consider this their home fellowship

Please note: Performance of marriage ceremonies is an accommodation to the fellowship, not an obligation. It is understood that entering into the marriage classes is not an agreement of approval to be married here. After completion of all five classes, and only after, will permission be given by a Minister to be married at Calvary Chapel Chino Valley. Classes are normally offered three times per year and are held on Sunday nights. You may click on the link below to complete the application or stop by the gazebo or church office to pick up an application packet. There is no cost to attend.

Calvary Chapel Chino Valley is NOT obligated to meet any wedding date set prior to classes being completed.

Married couples, who did not have premarital classes or have recently committed their lives to Jesus Christ and would like instruction in Christian Marriage, are welcome to attend these classes.

The 5 weeks of lessons cover biblical principles of Christian marriage on five different topics, which includes homework and required reading from the book The Meaning of Marriage by Timothy Keller.

If you are interested in additional information about weddings, please call the church office at 909-464-8255.