Veritas Independent Studies


If you are looking to gain an academic and practical understanding of Apologetics, to be equipped to defend the Christian faith, and to evangelize the world, consider enrolling in Veritas Independent Studies. Choose from the following subjects taught by Dr. Norman Geisler.
Course Titles:

New Testament Survey 1
New Testament Survey 2
Christian Doctrine
World Religions
Cults and Sects
How We Got the Bible

Work at your own pace online and once you have finished watching the lectures, schedule a time to complete a 25 question exam. Completion of all seven courses with a passing grade will result in receiving a Diploma in Christian Apologetics signed by Dr. Geisler. These classes are not accredited. A computer is required.
Last day to sign-up is Sunday, February 26th. Cost per course is $60.

If you would like to sign up for Veritas

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