• Rooted Jr. High Retreat
  • Rooted Jr. High Spring Break Activities
  • Epic High School Spring Break Activities
  • Catalyst Hike 
  • Women’s Intercessory Prayer (Mondays)
  •  Women’s Temple Maintenance Eucalyptus Trail Hike (April 18th)
  • Single Moms’ Spring Outdoor Family Photoshoot (April 25th)
  • Single Moms’ Mother’s Day Dinner 
  • Saturate SoCal (March 21st, April 4th, and April 18th)
  • AWANA has been canceled for the following dates: March 22nd, March 29th, and April 5th.
  • Couples’ Study has canceled on March 27th and April 3rd.
  • Couples’ Prayer canceled on April 5th
  • Blended Family Couples’ Study on April 5th.
  • First Responders Ministry canceled on March 26th.
  • Kung Fu San Soo (On break)


  • Couples’ Retreat:  Postponed to Friday, September 11th – Sunday, September 13th.
  •  Father and Son Fishing Trip (May 14-17) : Sign-Ups are suspended. If conditions improve, sign-ups will reopen.
  • Dodgeball Tournament: Postponed, new dates to be determined. 
  • Helping Hands: Suspended until we return to on-campus services.
  • Women’s Refuge Bible Study: Postponed until April 6th.
  • Women’s Pathway Bible Study: Postponed until April 6th. 
  • Women’s ‘Passage’ Book Club: Postponed until April 17th. 
  • Single Moms’ Mother’s Day Dinner (May 8th): Tentatively scheduled in case group ban is lifted. Postponing ticket sales until April 19th. 
  • Women’s Retreat (July 24th – 26th): Will revisit a later date. 
  • Beginning Guitar Class: Postponed
  • Building Foundations: Postponed
  • Servant Training: Postponed
  • Kids Camp: Suspended Until Further Notice
  • Kids Ministry Servant Apparel: Orders Suspended
  • Kids Ministry Monthly Drama Team Meetings: Suspended
  • CPR Basic Training for Adult Kids Ministry Servants: Postponed, Date TBD


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