Fall 2019

Here are all the important dates you need to know! 

Student Orientation will take place on Thursday, August 15th.

Free Class Week is August 19th – 22nd.

Classes begin August 19th and end December 6th.

Class registration begins July 7th and ends September 1st.

For more information visit the Info Table in the courtyard on July 21st and on Sunday mornings in August.

The Fall 2019 Class Schedule is as follows:

  • REVELATION | Mondays, 7 – 10pm | Room #524
  • INDUCTIVE BIBLE STUDY (SPANISH) | Tuesdays, 7 – 9pm | Room #522
  • APOLOGETICS | Thursdays, 7 – 9pm | Room #524
  • OT SURVEY I: GENESIS – JOB | Independent Study
  • OT SURVEY II: PSALMS – MALACHI | Independent Study
  • NT SURVEY I: MATTHEW – ACTS | Independent Study
  • NT SURVEY II: ROMANS – REVELATION | Independent Study
  • CHAPEL | Varies

In addition to our regular semester classes, CVCC will be offering their first class for the Spanish speaking community! If you are a student who is more comfortable and familiar with learning in the Spanish language, be sure to check out the Inductive Bible Study class on Tuesday nights. 

Returning Bible college students will be eligible to register for classes online beginning Sunday, July 7th. If you are a new student, be sure to complete an enrollment application prior to registering for classes.  

To find information concerning tuition and fees, first-time applications, and other inquiries, click on the “Christian College” button or contact the Registrar during church office hours.

Students who register for four or more class units will receive a free matte blue, 28 oz. aluminum sports water bottle! Spanish speaking students who register for the Inductive Bible study class for credit will also receive a free water bottle.

The water bottle features a screw-on, spill resistant sip top lid with a snap closure and built-in handle. The item is also BPA-free and comes with an imprint of the CVCC logo! Register for classes today to receive yours!



August 19 – December 6


Stephanie P.
(909) 464-8255 ext. 237



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