Service Hours Opportunity

“Did you complete your service hours yet?”

“Keep track of all your hours so you can get into a good college!”

“Don’t procrastinate or you’ll forget!”

“You won’t graduate without them!”

We know that some schools or programs require students to do volunteer service hours. With our current epidemic, students may find it more difficult to complete the task at hand. We would like to invite any of our Jr. High or High School students that are in need of service hours to our campus in order to complete them. 

What kind of work will be done?

We have an assortment of things to be done around our campus. Including the following:

– Working our CG during youth services

– Cleaning

– Yard work

– Helping sound ministry in youth service

– Re-organizing snack bar

– and more

What days or times?

That depends on your availability, how many hours are needed, and your deadline. We will do our best to accommodate a schedule with you.

Great! How do I start? 

Feel free to talk to Dustin or Josh. You can email also email Kristen at




Kristen Yamamoto
(909) 464-8255 ext. 267


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