Storytellers attend church events, outreaches, classes, and more to shoot Instagram story coverage. Their goal is to show events to the church body as they are happening, in order to help them feel more involved, connected, and aware. In essence, storytellers tell stories, visually. They allow people to experience the event even if they weren’t able to attend. 

A good candidate for storytelling is social, outgoing, creative, and bold. They are able to interact with others, especially those they’ve never met. They aren’t afraid to get close to the action in order to get the best shot. Storytellers have the ability to get people excited. They also have an intimate knowledge of Instagram, its story feature, and the different features included within Instagram’s camera like polls, gifs, location tags, etc. 

Storytellers will be assigned events to cover, but have the freedom to accept or deny an assignment based on their schedule. Storytellers can attend many, but not all, events cost-free. This will be determined on an event-by-event basis. Depending on the event, storytellers may be required to spend between 30 minutes and several hours capturing content. 



A public personal Instagram account

Availability on weekends / evenings

An iPhone 7 or newer


If you are interested in becoming a storyteller, please complete a ministry application, or if you have already turned one in, please call the church Monday – Thursday from 9am – 5pm.



Zach Long
(909) 464-8255 ext. 243