Unmasked - Be the Light!

On Wednesday, October 28th, kids in pre-k through 6th grade will enjoy an interactive, topical teaching, “Unmasked: It’s a dark world, be the Light!”

In their classrooms during evening service, kids will receive their own craft supplies and a special snack for their respective age group to take home at the end of the night. There will also be fun activities for the kids following our social distancing guidelines.

Getting them to look behind the masks that people wear every day, kids will learn the importance of looking at the hearts of others instead of looking at their outward appearances. As the kids draw closer to God during this special lesson, we seek to help them understand that being the Light is far better than celebrating the dark.


Wednesday, October 28th


7pm (during service)


Kids Ministry Classrooms


Bree Bowers
(909) 464-8255 ext. 260