“Go and make disciples of all the nations.” Matthew 28:19


Missions & Outreach

Missions &

Online Gathering
ON HOLD. As Christians, we recognize that our beloved country is in turmoil and needs a spiritual awakening.
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Pomona Outreach
Those who serve at Pomona outreaches will clothe, feed, and share the love of Jesus with those in need.
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College Outreach
Join a team and visit various colleges in our area. Share the gospel, provide information about our church, and answer questions that students may have about Christianity.
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Skatepark Outreach
Volunteers travel to local skateparks and share the gospel with skaters.
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Mosque Outreach
Volunteers in the mosque outreach visit various local mosques to engage in dialogue, distribute Bibles, and share the gospel with Muslims.
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Prison Ministry
Serving in Men’s Prison Ministry includes visiting various prison facilities to share the gospel, give Bible studies, encourage, and pray with inmates.
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Door-To-Door Outreach
ON HOLD DUE TO COVID-19. Those who are involved in Door-to-Door Ministry meet to learn how to evangelize, then go put it into practice in the community.
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